How to Mining increase hash rate: Overclocking |unlock LHR (Best) GMiner 2.69 (Mining):  How best to mine on LHR video cards – Nvidia video cards are currently not in great demand from miners, since compared to AMD GPUs, they are much less powerful.

Accordingly, mining on these video adapters is much more expensive. For example, the most powerful chipsets from Nvidia deliver about 150 KH / s, while AMD boasts 1500 KH / s.

True, Nvidia has a top model Tesla S2070, which gives 700 hash, but its cost makes many miners abandon the idea of ??mining on it. Since Nvidia cards are not particularly profitable, the only way to mine a decent amount of crypto coins on them is to organize a mining farm from inexpensive but relatively effective models.

What does a mining farm consist of?

In fact, the farm consists of the same components as a classic PC, but with some differences:

  1. The motherboard should be one of the top ones, and have at least 4 PCI slots for video adapters.
  2. A processor is not really needed for crypto mining on a video card, so the cheapest of all compatible with the selected video cards is usually chosen.
  3. In fact, there is only one requirement for DDR RAM: 4 GB or more. Otherwise, RAM can be the cheapest and simplest, since it does not participate in the mining process in any way.
  4. The hard drive doesn’t matter either. In fact, it is only needed to store wallets and install the operating system, so instead of a hard drive, even a flash drive will be enough.
  5. The power supply is one of the most important elements of the system; you need to choose it carefully and carefully. The main characteristic of a power supply unit is power, and you need to select it with a
  6. play of 150-200 W, not forgetting that power is consumed not only by the video card, but also by other elements of the system.
  7. The video card directly calculates the hash functions of cryptocurrency blocks. This is the most expensive and basic component of the farm, so you will have to choose it carefully.
  8. The cooling system is required to remove the heated air from the video adapters. In this case, the distance between graphic adapters must be at least 8 centimeters. In addition to conventional cooling with the help of fans, water CO can be organized, it is more efficient, but technically more problematic. Of the unusual systems for reducing the level of heating, oil can be distinguished, when all equipment is in a tank with technical oil, and some manage to use vegetable oil for these purposes.

Video adapter overclocking

As mentioned above, Nvidia video cards are low power at a rather high cost. Therefore, the only way to “squeeze” decent performance out of these chips is overclocking (overclocking).
At the same time, for each card, the most suitable parameters of frequency and graphics core and memory are selected individually.

These characteristics will affect both the mining efficiency and the stability of the entire system. It should also be remembered that overclocking increases the temperature of the equipment and increases power consumption. The more you overclock the video card, the more powerful CO will be required.


If the farm consists of several video cards of different models, then conflicts may appear during setup and overclocking, which will lead to a drop in mining speed and the performance of the entire system.
In addition, the combination of the selected hardware affects the hash rate. If you choose the right components (motherboard and RAM), you can increase the mining speed. Since there are essentially no standardized solutions in mining, the same values ??of video cards often become ineffective when installed in a different configuration.

Features of the organization of a mining farm

When creating a farm, you need to do some serious calculations in order to choose the most profitable option. It is necessary to calculate what all the components will cost, and to select them in the ideal ratio of profitability to energy consumption.
You will also have to calculate the electrical power consumed by the entire farm, and calculate what the electricity costs per day will be. After all the calculations, a conclusion should be made about the payback and timing.

It all looks rather complicated, but there is good news: there are a huge number of online calculators on the Internet that allow you to calculate the profitability of a mining farm and other characteristics based on given data. The most advanced calculators take into account changes in the rate of the mined cryptocurrency in real time and constantly adjust their forecast accordingly.

What are the alternatives?

If you want to start steadily and start mining cryptocurrency without unnecessary stress, then perhaps you should use the services of cloud services? They work by analogy with cloud hosting or file storage: you just rent a remote service, use the facilities and get your profit. In addition, you get the opportunity to earn that currency, which is simply impossible to extract at home: