Trust Wallet is a digital-based wallet that allows users to keep diverse crypto assets. The Trust Wallet also has centralized and decentralized platforms that enable users to convert a less popular crypto asset to other major ones before a sale.

The platform is available as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

How to Sell Crypto on Trust Wallet to a Bank Account

Investors can not directly sell their crypto-asset on Trust Wallet and withdraw to their bank account; you would need to use the Binance trading platform.

Below are the easy steps to make your sale and transfer to your bank account.

1. Open a Binance Account

To sell your crypto asset and withdraw to your bank, you need a Binance account. Binance allows investors and traders to easily sell their assets and withdraw straight to their bank accounts.

2. Copy the Token’s Address

To move your crypto asset to Binance, you would need to copy the receiving address of the particular crypto asset on Binance and paste it on your Trust Wallet account.

3. Paste and Send

Quickly paste the already copied address on your Trust Wallet and send your Trust Wallet account token to Binance.

4. Sell Your Token

Once your sent coins or token reflect in your Binance account, you can sell this crypto asset and withdraw your fiat money or USD to your bank account.

Is Trust Wallet Safe to Use?

Trust Wallet is safe for usage as the cryptocurrency wallet application uses different security mechanisms to protect users’ crypto assets from being hacked, scammed, or stolen.

Is it Easy to Access and Free?

Trust Wallet is easy for users to access as anyone with a mobile device can download the Trust Wallet application.

The Trust Wallet is available for iOS and Android users. You can install it on many devices without restrictions, and you do not need any subscription, registration, or fill any form.

They only charge a gas fee when you conduct any crypto-related transaction.

How to Sell on Trust Wallet

The process of selling your crypto asset on Trust Wallet depends on the type of currency you intend to sell.

But since it’s easy to purchase a major crypto-asset, we will discuss the process of selling ” SafeMoon,” which is one of the low cap coins. You can follow these steps to sell the crypto asset.

1. Click on Pancakeswap, and you will be taken to the pancakeswap page, where you can exchange your SafeMoon to BNB or another major crypto asset.

2. On Pancakeswap in Dapps, select the coin you intend on exchanging and input the amount you want to exchange.

3. Then select the particular currency you want and set the slippage percentage. Slippage is important in making your trade go through, and this slippage is usually affected by market volatility.

4. After setting your slippage percentage select your desired currency, click ” Confirm SafeMoon,” and wait for the Pancakeswap to be confirmed.

5. Once approved, click on the ” Exchange ” option to exchange SafeMoon coins to BNB.

6. You will get a notification message showing ” Transaction Safe. ” This message will show that your transaction has been completed and your SafeMoon exchanged.

7. Once you get this message, the SafeMoon coin has been converted, and you can now transfer your BNB tokens to any Binance exchange address by entering your Binance receipt address into Trust Wallet. Note that there is a transaction fee to exchange your crypto asset.

Selling your crypto asset on Trust Wallet would demand you have a Binance account because, with Binance, you can easily transfer your crypto asset to the platform, sell them and withdraw it to your bank.

We hope this article will effectively guide you as you sell your crypto assets using the Trust Wallet and Binance platform.

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