There are six steps to follow when setting up Ledger Nano X.

Step 1: Get Ledger Live.

Ledger Live is the software that’s needed to set up your device and manage cryptocurrencies. You can download the desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux on Ledger’s official site, and get a mobile app from App Store or Google Play.

When you’ll download an app, add an account that will allow you to manage crypto.

Step 2: Set up as a new device.

To set up a new device, you need to turn it on first. Just press and hold the button next to the USB port until you see the Ledger logo. Once it’s done, you’ll need to read the on-screen instructions. You can proceed by pressing the right button and go back by pressing the left one. When you’ll see “Set up as a new device” on the screen, you need to press both buttons simultaneously.

Step 3: Choose a PIN code.

After performing all the previous steps, it’s time to choose a PIN code. Simply press both buttons simultaneously until you see “Choose PIN code” on the screen.

Use any of the buttons to select a digit and press both buttons simultaneously to validate it. Your code should consist of 4-8 digits, so once you’re done, press “?”. Re-enter the pin to confirm it.

Step 4: Write down your 24-words recovery phrase.

After entering the pin code, you will see the recovery phrase on the screen. Since it will be provided only once, you have to make sure to write it down carefully. To begin, press both buttons and you’ll see word #1. Write it down and press the right button to move to word #2. Continue until you have all 24 words. Once again, press both buttons to proceed.

Now, using the right and left buttons, you need to select the #1 recovery phrase. Continue until you confirm all 24 words. And, your device is ready! Press both buttons and access the Dashboard.

Step 5: Install apps.

Once your device is ready, you can install applications on your device. To do that, simply go to the Ledger Live Manager and choose the needed apps. All of the most popular cryptocurrencies are available, you can find Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and many other apps.

Now you can access the Ledger dashboard.