This is an overview of the best immersion Bitcoin mining options, most of these are plug-and-play immersion mining solutions for not only ASIC miners but also GPU mining rigs. These liquid-cooled miner setups scale, so whether you have just one BTC miner or 100, there’s a solution here!

DCX, BiXBiT, and FogHashing all offer plug-and-play immersion mining solutions for Bitcoin mining farms and smaller at-home BTC miners. There are even more companies than them, making it easier than ever to start mining Bitcoins with liquid-cooled ASIC mining rigs. I cannot understate how incredibly QUIET this makes crypto mining… it is really cool, literally! Haha, pun intended, watch the video!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Immersion Bitcoin mining the future?
01:00 Bitcoin ming under attack?
03:00 Is the DCX liquid cooled mining enclosure good?
04:57 What kind of liquid mining systems are there?
05:53 Is liquid cooled mining the same as Hydro water mining?
07:00 What is a dry cooler?
08:23 Bixbit immersion mining solutions
13:13 What kind of immersion mining kits does Foghashing have?
16:08 How big is a medium immersion system?
18:00 Should you DIY an immersion system?
22:00 EZ blockchain sells immersion cooling containers
24:00 Liquid cooling immersion systems with an open top?
27:42 What does Tails think of immersion mining
30:00 Is immersion mining the most efficient Bitcoin mining solution?