I’m tired, I am burnt out, and just feeling mentally, physically, and even spiritually exhausted. My name is Drew Vosk and I am a full-time crypto youtuber, cryptocurrency miner, and also trying to build a solar powered bitcoin mining farm along with a house

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When I started recording YouTube videos of my crypto mining journey it was for fun and just to document my crazy crypto journey and hopefully help some others learn from my mistakes and see what was working for me.

Being a Crypto YouTuber quickly became a full-time job, and my Bitcoin miners and Ethereum GPU mining rigs quickly became my third full-time job… I was forced to quit my actually full-time job December 2017, and I have been all in on cryptocurrency since then but wow does crypto suck the life out of you.

I am burned out and with the crypto market collapsing I can no longer ride the highs of a btc and cryptocurrency bullmarket…

On top of that we’ve been struggling to build our home along with our solar powered bitcoin mining farm, it’s already been over two years since I started my journey to fuel my mining rigs with solar power so yeah here’s how Drew Vosk set out to become the best crypto youtuber and build the most popular cryptocurrency youtube channel but is completely burned out almost 5 years later…

Is Building This Bitcoin Mining Farm Still Even Worth It?..


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