The latest Bitcoin mining news, cryptocurrency news, and just the insider scoop! I am a full-time btc crypto researcher and today I am condensing hours of research into about a 10 minute video of the latest news!

Bitcoin is pumping, Bitcoin miners are earning more money, and publicly traded BTC mining farms are not only seeing an increase in their stock prices, but are happily earning higher passive income thanks to the resurgence in Bitcoin BTC!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Bitcoin News you need to know!
00:14 Bitcoin mining companies going all-in on BTC
01:42 BTC daily mining emissions vs difficulty
02:33 Bitcoin mining stocks growth
05:28 New Bitcoin miners hitting the market!
07:50 The BTC halving – bullish or bearish?
09:24 Bitcoin ETF approvals incoming?
10:19 The future of Bitcoin mining post-halving