Thousands of memecoins are being created, making new crypto millionaires, BlackRock is investing in tokens soon, dogecoin pumps again, shib token pumps, floki inu pumps, and kaspa investors scammed by tradeogre and more!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Memecoin mania is happening right now!
00:17 Blackrock x Tornado Cash & Ethereum fund
01:05 Is Solana better than Ethereum?
01:51 Top Memecoins and Dogcoins!
02:49 Doge, Shib and Floki crazy pumps!
04:35 Floki is building a huge, multi-chain ecosystem
06:40 Brand new Floki Roadmap alpha
07:34 VoskCoin Dogecoin mining update
08:45 Kaspa mining scam update & news
10:49 Chia mining update
11:14 Current state of the American debt crisis…
13:01 VoskCoin memecoin news