Earlier this year, the Bitmain Antminer K7 was released. It’s a plug-and-play cryptocurrency mining rig designed to generate passive income by mining Nervos Network CKB. Initially priced at around $5,000-$6,000, these mining rigs have now significantly dropped in price. However, I’ve been experiencing issues with my miners – they’re not functioning properly.

Engaging in coin mining and earning money is rewarding, until complications arise with your mining rig. Is the problem rooted in the firmware? Perhaps some basic troubleshooting could resolve it. The question remains: how challenging can it be to rectify an ASIC miner?



00:00 $15,000 of miners not working right
01:14 What does the K7 mine, and how much I’m mining?
03:55 Where I am mining with the K7?
04:50 Installing new firmware on antminer ASIC miner
06:34 Troubleshooting my asic miner
12:43 Nervos Network statistics
13:30 How much should I be earning with the Antminer k7
14:26 I updated the miner, is it still having problems?
16:51 Is this Antminer K7 for you? Should you buy it?


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