Radix XRD is more than just a cryptocurrency token; it’s a versatile platform designed for scalable decentralized finance. Radix boasts its programming language, making it simpler to deploy dapps while enhancing safety for crypto users.

The imminent Babylon upgrade brings a wave of excitement for Radix cryptocurrency investors, developers, and users. With Radix XRD and their Ethereum wrapped token, eXRD, this is an exhilarating time to be part of the Radix ecosystem!


⏰ Video Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Radix a Distributed Ledger Technology
00:36  What exactly is Radix?
01:49  The Mission of Radix
03:14  They have a big release, Babylon!
04:00 Radix Token XRD, Market Cap, and Volume
05:39  What can you do with the XRD token?
06:28 EXRD Tokenomics and what it is?
07:30 Radix grants for Web3 and Defi
08:06 Projects on the Radix Ledger
10:21   Why Radix?
12:27   What is coming to Radix in the future?