Is the IceRiver KS0 Pro still worth buying, is it really the best mini miner for 2024, being a small, quiet, and profitable mining rig earning easy passive income from home mining the 2nd most profitable coin to mine after Bitcoin?! Is it really that simple?? Vincent of VoskCoin, reviews!

Vincent is one of the VoskCoin video editors and an avid miner, so he is stepping up to review his very own IceRiver KS0 Pro evaluating the mining profitability, the future of Kaspa KAS, and if it’s still worth it to get into Kaspa mining in 2024!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Is the Ks0 Pro a miner you should buy?!
00:50 Bitcoin and Ethereum mining
02:00 Kaspa revived gpu mining
02:52 The Ks0 pro, a good home miner?
04:00 How to set up a Ks0 pro Kaspa miner?
05:36 Where to buy a ks0 pro?
06:30 How much electricity does a KS0 pro use?
08:32 How much profit can you make mining with the Ks0 pro
10:00 Kaspa to the moon?