If you are an iPhone or iPad user, and you want to store coins for day to day trading on your phone or tablet, then these are our top picks for you.



BRD wallet has been around for a few years. It originally only supported Bitcoin, but recently added support for ether and many ERC20 tokens.

It’s very easy to setup and you can start receiving ether within a few minutes. You can even buy and sell eth from within the BRD wallet app under the buy tab at the bottom left of the home screen.

Another nice feature of BRD is that there is no sign up or registration required to use the wallet (unless you decide to buy coins through the interface).

However, since it’s a mobile wallet, it should only be used for day to day amounts of ether and you should always backup your wallet using the 12 word seed BRD generated for you when you first set up your wallet.



TrustWallet is an Ethereum and ERC20 wallet. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently acquired TrustWallet.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet


Jaxx Liberty is another popular wallet since it supports a lot of different coins.

Jaxx Liberty is the 2nd generation of Jaxx wallet. The original Jaxx is no longer available.

If you are running the old jaxx wallet, you should migrate your coins using this process:

Like Exodus, Jaxx liberty is not open source, so it is difficult to tell whether the code is safe or not – so you are placing trust in Jaxx security. Walletscutiny.com was also not able to verify that the code provided publicly is the code used on the actual wallet.

Jaxx is made by Decentral, a company based out of Canada, which means they are not likely to intentionally employ malicious code and run off with your coins (though they could). However, because the code cannot be audited, its harder for outside users to know if there are vulnerabilities in the code. This is why it is recommended to NEVER keep large amounts of bitcoin on an exchange.

One nice thing about Jaxx though is that you do not have to sign up or register in any way, so Jaxx shouldn’t know any personal identifying information about you.