After more than six months of research, design, and revising, VoskCoin is proud to present the VoskCoin Tails Edition of the Evergreen Chia Miner!

Evergreen Miners are plug-and-play Chia hard drive miners. They are simple to connect and configure in the Evergreen app, allowing users to mine the Chia $XCH cryptocurrency seamlessly. The VoskCoin Tails Edition by Evergreen Miner is also their most powerful release yet, with 25% more compression than their original release. Because of the upgraded hub, it earns 25% more Chia XCH coins and also has an upgraded power supply for better cable management and reliability.


The VoskCoin Tails Edition EVG is offered in three different kit options, tailored to mining the Chia $XCH cryptocurrency. The kits all utilize compressed 18TB hard drives which creates a range from 89TBe to over 444TBe of Chia XCH farming power! Please note the upgraded limited edition VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner is the same price as their normal releases, so users can get more performance for the same price!

  • The Plus Kit (89 TBe)
  • The Pro Kit (222 TBe)
  • The Pro + 10 Kit (444 TBe)

“Green” Mining with Chia

Chia, known for its eco-friendly approach, uses a “Proof of Space and Time” model, which is a more energy-efficient method compared to the traditional “Proof of Work” model, which is used by our Bitcoin miners! These miners use less electricity than your laptop or PlayStation, and they’re also really quiet, allowing you to mine cryptocurrency from anywhere in your home or office. This makes the Evergreen Tails Edition not just an affordable passive income miner, but also a green one due to its significantly lower power consumption!

VoskCoin x Evergreen

VoskCoin and Evergreen have been working together since last year and are proud to announce the release of the VoskCoin Tails Edition Evergreen Miner! This miner is a Limited Edition run with only 200 units being sold. If you don’t know VoskCoin, he is a big-time CHIA farmer and has even built his own Mining Shed dedicated to hard drive mining. It currently houses just over 1 PB of HDD miners. This limited edition miner is in honor of Tails, his beloved Shiba Inu, and the reason that Vosk got into mining full-time. Check out the VoskCoin YouTube Channel to learn more about Vosk, Tails, and the HDD Mining Shed!