Aqil was bored a few years ago, so he thought, “Why not build his own Bitcoin mining farm?” Let’s talk to the guy who ordered 500 Bitcoin miners, Aqil Radjab, and review what his biggest hurdles were in building his own BTC mining farm, what it’s like operating the farm, and what his thoughts are on Bitcoin mining profitability, the BTC halving, and more.

On this episode of the Mining Farm Tour Series, I am going to talk with Aqil Radjab, an entrepreneur and Bitcoin Mining Farm owner. He actually started his own Bitcoin Mining Shed at his home and then expanded into a massive immersion mining farm here in Virginia with nearly 500 Bitcoin miners. He’s using DCX’s immersion liquid-cooled mining container setup. We’ll talk about what got him into mining, delve into some details of the build, find out what else Aqil does in his free time, and get his thoughts on the upcoming Bitcoin halving.


⏰ Video Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Building a Bitcoin mining farm
00:40 Why did Aqil build a mining farm?
01:58 Building a mining shed!
03:51 Why build a BTC farm in Virginia?
04:50 Electricity prices and crypto mining
05:40 Why build an immersion mining farm?
06:40 Is a big Bitcoin mining farm still profitable?
09:12 What is it like to build a big BTC mining farm?
10:40 How to build a bitcoin mining business?
11:33 Stacking or selling BTC?
12:44 Noise and bitcoin ming
13:29 Find the right people to help you
16:06 Mining altcoins?
17:09 What will the bitcoin halving do?
18:49 What will the BTC price have to be?
19:52 How much time does it take to build and run a mine?
22:18 Free advice from Aqil!