$24m dollars of new Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are mined daily, and data shows this number increasing year over year on average making BTC and crypto mining a very viable industry, but does that really make a mining farm worth it?

Bitcoin is obviously the most profitable coin to mine to earn passive income but many other cryptocurrencies like dogecoin doge, litecoin ltc, chia xch, kaspa kas, zcash zec, monero xmr, among some exciting other coins not mined with ASIC miners using hard drives, graphics cards, and even your CPU! Let’s review how $24 million dollars of new coins just in the top ten most profitable coins to mine actually works!


⏰ Video  Timestamps ⏰

00:00 $24 Million mined yesterday
00:55 What makes mined coins valuable?
01:53 Mining Bitcoin
05:09 Mining Dogecoin
07:14 Mining Kaspa
09:37 Mining Chia
11:58 Mining Ethereum Classic
13:45 Mining Bitcoin Cash
14:12 Mining DynexCoin
15:12 How is GPU mining right now?
15:52 Mining Monero
18:23 Mining Zcash
19:31 My thoughts on the mining ecosystem