Earning passive income is the key to financial freedom, but is it actually a good investment to buy a bunch of hard drives for HDD mining rigs?

There are tens of millions of dollars mined in cryptocurrency every day; crypto mining farms mint literally millions of new coins per day! While a lot of mining profitability revolves around ASIC mining, mining with hard drives is becoming more popular and profitable, thanks to Chia. It’s possible to farm Chia XCH with HDD mining rigs.

Additionally, thanks to the Evergreen miner, there’s now an easy-to-use plug-and-play hard drive mining rig solution. In this article, we will review the cost of these rigs, how to purchase one, the Chia XCH halving, the potential upside for the CHIA crypto coin, the profitability of mining Chia XCH, as well as new developments like compressed plots for Chia farmers and the gigahorse development. We will also explore how Evergreen miners plan to scale with compressed Chia plotting.



00:00 Is mining Chia worth it?
01:02 Evergreen miner a simple way to mine with hard-drives
01:37 A limited edition VoskCoin hard drive miner?
02:44 Compressed plots to farm Chia
05:11 DIY Chia minning vs Plug & play
06:02 What will the price of Chia be in the future?
08:08 It’s good to be a Chia farmer right now
10:30 Why mine instead of buying?
11:09 Harddrive mining is energy efficient
12:49 The VoskCoin Evergreen edition!


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