Earning cryptocurrency is easier than ever before all manner of different coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have been largely adopted and can be used for lots of fun stuff like games, purchases, and NFTs. New ways to earn crypto frequently pop up let’s look at the current top 4 ways to earn cryptocurrency without mining.

1. Earn crypto by watching videos

Did you know that you can earn cryptocurrency by watching videos it’s true! By simply watching videos with embedded ads you can make up to $10 every day with little to no effort.

2. Earn crypto from faucets

Just like a leaky faucet, crypto faucets constantly drop micro-amounts of cryptocurrency that you can claim by just clicking a button and finishing a small task.

3. Earn crypto from online-games

Another fun way to spend idle time is to play crypto-powered games that earn you small amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for playing fun mini-games.

4. Earn crypto from finishing surveys

Why waste idle time doing nothing when you can earn cryptocurrency for finishing surveys, if you are diligent and have nothing better to do you can earn as much as $50 every day for completing simple surveys.