Bitcoin miners are ASIC miners, but there are other ASICs for mining many different cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin miners, incredibly profitable Kaspa miners, and even a new Monero ASIC CPU miner, let’s review the best mining rigs to buy right now!


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00:00 Best miners to buy right now
00:55 Minable coin emissions
01:34 Mining DogeCoin
02:57 KASPA and Chia emissions
03:44 Tails Edition Chia miners
04:35 Miners from Bitmain
07:23 Mining KASPA
08:45 Mining Bitcoin
12:24 Mining Monero
14:40 Mining Ethereum Classic
16:53 Market condition for mining
19:39 Should you buy a Bitcoin miner?
21:11 Should you buy a DogeCoin miner?
21:59 Should you buy a Dash miner?
22:33 Should you buy a Nervos CKB miner?
23:36 Should you buy a Kadena miner?


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