I am going all in on earning passive income mining Bitcoin, and this new FogHashing immersion system will allow me to increase my Bitcoin mining profitability, deploy more BTC miners, and have better ASIC mining efficiency and longevity!

I have been happy with my first immersion mining deployment on the VoskCoin mining farm, but the VoskCoin crypto mining shed, has quickly become the immersion bitcoin mining shed! I am happy to have the opportunity to review and install the FogHashing B6D which is the previous model of their new FogHashing C6. This is a plug and play immersion mining system to liquid cool your BTC mining rigs. This is a full video installation guide, tutorial, and review on what I learned installing the FogHashing immersion system, how to be prepared to install your own FogHashing immersion tank, and all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way with mining and liquid-cooling my Bitcoin miners!



⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Installing the C6 Foghashing immersion mining container
01:59 Installing the huge foghashing dry cooler!
03:58 How to connect the dry cooler to the foghashing immersion tank?
05:06 How to prepare Asic bitcoin miners for immersion?
07:27 How to put immersion fluid in the tank?
08:29 Starting up the immersion tank!
09:10 How does the dry cooler and immersion tank work?
10:00 Running the Bitmain antminer S19 XP, S19k Pro and S19j Pro in immersion fluid
11:42 First impressions of the Foghashing immersion kit
14:20 How to power the foghashing immersion miner
16:47 Efficient and profitable mining
18:10 Difference between the B6D Immersion cooling suite and the immersion cooling suite c6
23:40 What is the best immersion setup to buy?
26:30 A small immersion cooling kit for home use?
27:40 How is the immersion kit running after a few days?
30:40 How am I powering my immersion kit and miners?
37:40 Working great so far!
39:18 How much noise does an immersion setup make vs a air-cooled miner?
40:00 How much electricity is my setup using?
42:00 Building and reviewing allot of different mining setups