This is my master plan for building a highly profitable liquid-cooled Bitcoin mining farm using immersion fluid to cool my BTC miners, I am using DCX, FogHashing and Bixbit immersion mining systems to maximize my mining business passive income returns.

Immersion mining is better than air-cooled mining for Bitcoin and other crypto mining rigs, but there is an added level of skill to install immersion mining systems as well as an added cost. I have carefully evaluated liquid-cooling Bitcoin miners, and how to maximize the earnings of the VoskCoin mining farm, and expanding the mining farm with these immersion mining containers can make a lot of sense, especially since we were given some unique opportunities to review them instead of spending thousands of dollars buying them all, so let’s review the latest VoskCoin immersion mining shed plans, how the DCX immersion enclosure has been doing, our new FogHashing B6D, and the Bixbit immersion tanks we just got and also the DCX bitpod, and we even have a FogHashing C2 on the way, yep, ASIC mining is getting serious lol.



⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 My crypto mining farm is getting serious!
04:48 Initial plans for my immersion mining shed
09:29 Planning the VoskCoin immersion mining shed
17:36 Electrical planning for the immersion shed
21:34 Precautions to take for immersion mining
25:39 Downclocking miners for efficiency with immersion
31:57 Why should you choose immersion mining?
35:38 What are the downsides to immersion mining?
38:55 What’s next for the VoskCoin mining farm?