Today, I’m excited to share that I’m setting up my own Bitcoin immersion mining farm. This liquid-cooled BTC mining method promises higher Bitcoin mining profitability and reduced electricity consumption, resulting in more passive income. Wondering how easy it is to install the DCX enclosure and dry cooler? I’ll walk you through it!

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to tour some incredible Bitcoin immersion mining farms. Thanks to DCX, I’m finally taking the plunge and starting my immersion mining journey. DCX offers a convenient plug-and-play immersion mining setup, accommodating both single-phase and three-phase electricity options. In this video, I’ll be installing the DCX immersion mining kit in my single-phase Bitcoin mining farm. Additionally, I’m using Braiins S19 firmware, which supports immersion mining since I didn’t have fan spoofers, a necessity when running Bitcoin ASIC mining rigs in a liquid-cooled environment without fans.

While this may not be a step-by-step installation guide, I hope it provides valuable insights to anyone looking to embark on a DCX immersion mining farm build. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to check back and assist based on what I’ve learned during the process of setting up my own liquid-cooled immersion Bitcoin mining deployment!


⏰Video  Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Setting up the immersion bitcoin mining shed
00:40 Immersion mining is crazy Quiet!
02:25 Make sure your miners are clean before you immerse them!
03:27 Installing a different firmware on the Bitmain s19
05:37 Installing the DCX dry cooler
07:49 Manually Pumping the coolant
09:31 Using shrouds on the Bitcoin miners
11:00 Pouring the immersion fluid into the DCX immersion tank!
12:46 Turning on and opening al the valves
14:06 Powering the Immersion setup
15:22 Using the Altair pdu
17:14 Fixing bad miners
18:00 How is my wire management?
19:50 Installing the new Altair PDU’s
22:37 Should you immersion mine at home?
25:25 Using a transformer for electricity
26:11 Get connected with the community!
27:00 Thanks to BMA for helping!
28:06 Immersion mining is nice and quiet!
29:40 Make it happen!