VoskCoin Mining Farm Update! New Miners, but Starlink SUCKS. Ahhh, building this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm has proven to be more challenging and expensive than I anticipated.

Building out a big Bitcoin and crypto mining farm has been my dream since I basically learned about cryptocurrency mining, and wow, it has NOT been a short journey lol. This is the latest VoskCoin mining farm update as we try to fill out our Bitcoin crypto mining container, a Digital Shovel MiniPod, and work towards eventually powering our mining farm with solar panels.

In addition to BTC mining, I am expanding the altcoin mining initiative with the Antminer K7, Antminer L7, Antminer D9, and more ASIC mining rigs!


00:00 How is life on the Crypto Mining farm?
01:20 Unboxing and setting up my new miners
02:23 How is the Digital shoving mining pod helping my farm?
03:07 How is crypto mining on starlink?
04:04 Fiber optic internet trenched!
05:48 Starlink internet is becoming more expensive
06:50 More Doge and Nervos miners are coming!
07:46 Mining with the Antminer D9 and K7
08:15 How is Bitcoin mining doing?
09:07 Solar Crypto mining
09:55 How is the digital shovel mini pod is performing?
11:00 Trying to have more fun!
12:41 What am I going to do next?
14:20 Thank you all for the support!



1) Building the VoskCoin Crypto YouTube Studio and Solar Mining Farm

2) Turning 100 Acres into a Bitcoin Mining Farm Powered by Solar Energy!

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