Wondering how to properly and safely set up your electricity for Bitcoin miners and GPU mining rigs? Setting up your home or mining shed correctly is key to making gains with your crypto miners!

How am I planning on wiring up my brand new mining shed? Let’s find out!

Mining BTC and other cryptocurrencies is the best way to earn passive income and could quite literally make you rich, but you will be poor if you burn your house down with improperly set up mining rigs!

We’re sharing some of our lessons learned from our last crypto mining shed – let’s start with the basics! What voltage do you need to run crypto miners? What kind of watt consumption should you plan for? How can you affordably set up your electricity to safely power your crypto mining rigs, ASIC mining rigs, GPU mining rigs?

My brand new mining farm is going to be the biggest project of my life – will it go well, or will I fail miserably? One thing’s for sure – electricity for your bitcoin crypto mining farm is imperative for safety as well as increased mining profitability!



  1. )  What is a watt? What is a watt-hour? And what’s the difference?
  2. )  Single Phase VS Three Phase: What’s the Difference?
  3. ) Watts to Amps (A) conversion calculator

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