Huge bitcoin mining pool news as investors are not only investing millions into buying Bitcoin, and more millions into Bitcoin miners, but now also investing into Bitcoin mining pool infrastructure!

Jack Dorsey and Luke Dashjr are reviving an old Bitcoin mining pool with millions of dollars now rebranded as the OCEAN BTC mining pool set to decentralize mining bitcoins yet they have a history of censorship. Braiins a big miner firmware company and the original bitcoin mining pool formerly known as slushpool is changing the mining payout method to FPPS on the Braiins mining pool and other crazy bitcoin mining news and crypto mining profitability!


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00:00 Huge Bitcoin mining pool news!
01:01 Jack Dorsey leads $6.2M funding for new BTC pool
02:03 What is the OCEAN BTC mining pool?
05:25 Crypto Mining profitability & stats
06:34 Bitcoin mining update
08:03 VoskCoin x Meter Box collab & giveaway
09:29 Braiins Pool switching to FPPS
11:33 VoskCoin Immersion mining update
12:48 VoskCoin Mining Pool News