Embarking on the journey of buying Bitcoin, investing in cryptocurrencies, and building a crypto mining farm for passive income, I’ve encountered some expensive lessons. Cryptocurrency can alter your life, potentially making you rich or poor based on your decisions – the moves you make, the coins you buy, and the profitability of your mining rigs.

I want to review the 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency because I’ve made many expensive mistakes. I could have retired if I had made better decisions with the Bitcoin I purchased, bought more BTC at the right time, or capitalized on Ethereum, ETH ICOs, and DeFi tokens that have created numerous crypto millionaires. Don’t even get me started on all the things I’ve learned through mining crypto.

Here’s a review of what went right and wrong, aiming to help you profit more from crypto. However, please note that this isn’t financial advice!



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00:00 10 Crypto lessons
02:10 Lesson 1 Not your keys not your wallet
03:35 Lesson 2 How passive income works in Crypto
04:25 Lesson 3 Being a early adopter can be lucrative
07:03 Lesson 4 Reframe your perspective
08:56 Lesson 5 Grain of salt
11:19 Lesson 6 Let your coins work for you
12:48 Lesson 7 Be careful who you listen too
14:44 Lesson 8 Mining!
16:10 Lesson 9 Pace yourself!
18:30 Lesson 10 Good things take time


1) How Much It Cost To Build My Bitcoin Mining Farm

2) VoskCoin Mining Farm Update! New Miners but Starlink SUCKS

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