We’ve had the Fog Hashing B6D Immersion Kit for two months! Let’s talk about our initial review on installation, performance, profitability, and next steps! How much does immersion mining cost, how much liquid-cooled bitcoin miners earn, and is it really worth it to liquid-cool your BTC miners?

We have had the Fog Hashing B6D Unit for two months now. This single-loop system holds six miners.

We currently have one S19K Pro, two S19 XPs, and three S19J Pros immersed in this kit. Fog Hashing has since discontinued this model of the immersion system, but released a newer and better model, the C6, which is projected to have even better performance. Let’s talk about the installation of the B6D, how the unit has been performing so far, our experience with the FogHashing team, and the next steps!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Fog Hashing B6D 2-month update!
00:30 Installation of the Fog Hashing B6D
03:06 Miner performance in the Fog Hashing B6D
04:46 Miner profitability with immersion mining
06:38 Fog Hashing B6D vs DCX 8 miner unit
08:16 Fog Hashing B6D dry cooler review
09:05 Fog Hashing C6 vs B6D vs C2
11:10 VoskCoin Fog Hashing B6D Review & Update