Initially touted as a lucrative venture second only to Bitcoin mining, my foray into hard drive mining began with the addition of hundreds of HDDs to my basement, eventually expanding into a dedicated shed. However, the cost of these hard drive mining rigs and the creation of my mini DIY data center exceeded $75,000. Now, the burning question arises: has the mining of Chia cryptocurrency truly delivered profitable returns, and was XCH mining a wise investment in terms of ROI?

Chia stands out in the crypto landscape with its remarkably high emissions relative to market capitalization, surpassing even major players like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Kaspa. With hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of new coins mined or farmed daily on the Chia (XCH) network, my interest was piqued, leading to the construction of my own hard drive mining farm.

Companies like Evergreen and Jusey introduced plug-and-play HDD mining rigs, simplifying the Chia mining process. Additionally, advancements such as compressed plots have enabled diligent XCH farmers to further boost their passive income from hard drive resources. But amidst these developments, the crucial question lingers: has hard drive mining truly lived up to its promise of profitability, or does it remain a long-term investment with uncertain returns?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the data from the VoskCoin $75,000 HDD mining farm data center to assess its viability and determine whether the investment has yielded fruitful results. Join us as we uncover the truth behind hard drive mining and its potential for profitability in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Mining Crypto with HDDs for 1 year – was it worth it?
01:17 My history mining with HDDs
04:43 How Evergreen changed the game for Chia mining
07:02 Expanding my Evergreen mining setup
16:04 Adding to the HDD Mining shed & the Tails Edition
21:47 Chia XCH performance & mining difficulty
26:10 What’s the goal of the HDD mining shed?
32:30 Annual HDD mining review – Pros & Cons
39:18 Was the HDD mining shed worth it?
45:50 Is HDD mining doomed?
49:13 Outlook on HDD Mining in 2024