Why mine cryptocurrency? Why not just buy it? These are the reasons why I am mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of buying them, and how it has contributed to my success so far, let’s review why to mine crypto!

VoskCoin has been in the mining game for nearly seven years now. A lot of people ask, why mine crypto? Why not just buy the coins? There are lots of reasons why! Let’s talk about some reasons why we choose to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as opposed to buying the tokens outright.


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Top reasons to mine crypto!
00:35 Is crypto mining less risky than buying?
02:17 Sell the coins and keep the hardware
04:03 Scaling your crypto mining operation!
07:02 Having a lot of crypto mining hardware
08:00 Long-term participation
09:10 The key to success
11:00 Enjoying building and making content
13:00 Paying crypto taxes & using write-offs to your advantage
15:43 Hitting milestones
17:14 Generating my own electricity
19:10 Mining and success