StarkNet is going to be a huge cryptocurrency, and they’re already starting to give out tokens for free which 100% confirms they are doing a free cryptocurrency airdrop obviously to users of their STRK blockchain!

Crypto airdrops make cryptocurrency millionaires what are you waiting for to start using StarkNet and airdrop hunt that STRK token!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 People are sleeping at Starknet
01:03 Starknet foundation will allocate 50M Tokens to contributors
02:02 What is Starknet?
03:01 Get a Starknet Identity!
03:32 How to use JerdiSwap on Starknet?
04:18 How to bridge Ethereum to Starknet?
06:38 How does a transaction look like in the Starknet explorer?
07:30 How to use Myswap on Starknet?
09:18 How to use zkLend on Starknet?
10:01 Doing a trade on 10K swap in Starknet
12:06 Trading on AVNU on Starknet
14:07 Dappland Discover Dapps on Starknet!
15:07 Quests, Get rewarded for participating!
17:28 A lot of Dapps are expanding blockchains
18:21 Why you should contribute to Starknet?