Upgrading your Bitcoin miner can lead to higher mining profitability and a longer ASIC BTC mining rig lifespan, but how do you do that? We will do that with the BCB-100 or simply the Braiins control board, allowing for overclocking, underclocking, and increasing miner abilities and refined passive income!

Buy the Braiins BCB-100 S19 control board – Click Here

Braiins toolbox install video guide – Click Here


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Let’s install the Braiins Control Board!
01:44 How to mount the Braiins BCB-100 Board
06:00 Braiins Control Board mining setup
08:07 Braiins Control Board compatibility
09:59 Braiins vs Bitmain Control Board!
11:16 Should you buy the Braiins Control Board?
13:03 VoskCoin Braiins Control Board review