In the quest to determine the prominent figure in the realm of Bitcoin Cash, a question lingers: Who holds the crown in the world of BCH ownership? While Marc De Mesel was once thought to be the BCH kingpin, a closer examination reveals a more complex landscape.

Bitcoin Cash, a decentralized cryptocurrency, operates with utmost autonomy. It lacks a central management team and ensures interference-free transactions. Anyone worldwide can purchase, hold, sell, and utilize Bitcoin Cash, with its blockchain technology recording each transaction in immutable blocks.

Who owns the more BCH?

Within the BCH domain, anonymous investors boast substantial Bitcoin Cash holdings. Over 21,000 addresses hold BCH worth more than $1000, while approximately 3,000 addresses boast over $10,000 worth.


Who owns the more BCH?


Take, for instance, the address:

13 million BCH

This address possesses a staggering 13 million BCH and displays active participation based on its in/out ratio.

Marc De Mesel: A Pillar of Bitcoin Cash

Marc De Mesel stands as an inspirational figure to many within the crypto community, particularly those introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies through his prolific blogging on platforms like

Since 2008, Marc has aligned with Bitcoin Cash, shaping a long-term strategic outlook for the cryptocurrency. A fervent BCH supporter and influencer, he has significantly contributed to raising awareness of BCH and its fundamental principles. Marc’s contributions extend to platforms such as and, pivotal in driving BCH awareness and adoption.

While Marc De Mesel isn’t the architect of Bitcoin Cash, his media influence has propelled BCH into a recognized brand. Renowned personalities including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Faber, and Vandamme have acknowledged Marc’s role as an inspirational celebrity. As a businessman, he has embarked on various ventures, many geared towards the betterment of Bitcoin Cash. His involvement in founding with an investment exceeding one million dollars underscores his commitment to the community. Notably, Marc has been a substantial contributor to content writers through generous tips.

While pinpointing Marc’s specific BCH holding address may be challenging, it’s likely that one of the addresses belongs to him, possibly placing him at the forefront of major BCH holders. Marc De Mesel has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in solidifying Bitcoin Cash’s position within the crypto ecosystem.