Building a Bitcoin mining farm has been a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. From the property to the road, from the electrical setup to the internet infrastructure – here’s some insight into how much I’ve spent on building this mining farm.

A lot goes into constructing a crypto mining farm. Obviously, you need Bitcoin miners and any other cryptocurrency mining rigs you want. However, what is often overlooked are all of the other costs involved.

You need a suitable location to set up your mining farm, miners, a road to access your mining building if you don’t have one already, internet connectivity along with the necessary infrastructure for it, and electricity. Not only do you need to wire the mining shed or building, but if it requires a new electrical service or an upgrade, you need to account for those costs as well. There’s so much more to consider.

Let’s review how much I have spent so far building the VoskCoin Bitcoin crypto mining farm. Spoiler alert: mining infrastructure is not cheap!


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00:00 How much did my mining farm cost?
00:52 Mining Farm Location
05:06 Mining Farm Electricity
10:20 Internet for Mining Farm
18:00 Mining rigs for a mining farm
19:37 How much did I spend building my mining farm
20:16 Mining farm build tips and tricks
21:18 VoskCoin mining farm infrastructure




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