After more than two whole years, we are finally making HUGE progress on the VoskCoin solar-powered crypto mining farm! But why am I even building it? Some people think it’s too late to start mining Bitcoin… Isn’t it better to just buy crypto and chill?

Over the course of six years, my journey into cryptocurrency and crypto mining has changed my life forever. From mining in my garage to now building out a solar-powered mining farm across 100 Acres, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many things about building passive income with mining.

One question that almost everybody has, though, is “why?” Why am I going to such extreme lengths to build a mining farm when I could just buy the coins and relax? Today, I’ll take you through my entire thought process, reasoning, and motivation behind spending so much time and money on crypto mining. If done correctly, mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can change your life forever. However, I’ve also made some expensive mistakes along the way that you can avoid by learning from me!




1) I Was NOT Expecting This… Crypto Mining Farm Build Update

2) Designing Electricity for a Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

1) Getting Started

2) Mining Contract

3) Mining Promo

4) Mining Payout

5) Client Testimonials

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