I’m building out a cryptocurrency mining farm powered by solar panels and Starlink internet, but it’s been a difficult process. Mining Bitcoin in your home is pretty easy, but earning passive income on a larger scale is much more expensive to set up, and I have been blindsided.

I understand Bitcoin mining and the basics of building out the cryptocurrency mining farm infrastructure, such as the actual racks for miners, electricity, and internet, but many costs I overlooked.

I needed space, so I sought out a 100-acre parcel to have plenty of room to build a solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm. However, with more acreage comes more expenses, like a driveway to access the farm. My electric company is charging me to pull industrial-grade electricity for my mining farm – three-phase electricity.

I am astonished at the price to pull hardwired cable internet. Fortunately, I have Starlink as an option and will be mining with Starlink, at least to begin with.

One thing often overlooked is the fact that you need to be able to access your mining farm in any weather conditions. So, if it’s raining and super muddy, a dirt path will not work. I am bringing in over 500 tons of gravel onto our 100-acre mining farm project, and due to insane inflation over the last year, it is incredibly expensive, and a much higher cost than I had anticipated.

Let’s review what I am spending my money on to build a passive income Bitcoin-generating mining farm. Hopefully, this pays off!



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