I just increased my hard drive mining farm by 50%, quite literally doubling down on my HDD miners to earn passive income with low power quiet mining rigs, the main cryptocurrency I am farming is Chia XCH, but why do I think HDD mining is worth the investment?!

Miss Vosk Alexa unpacks our latest hard drive mining rig, a 20 drive EVG HDD miner, and earlier this month we added another Evergreen miner with 20 hard drives which is rapidly expanding our HDD mining farm to mine more Chia XCH prior to the halving. Chia is investing in market makers and the XCH price is trending upwards, according to the stock to flow model XCH is an undervalued cryptocurrency in 2024.

Let’s review the latest VoskCoin hard drive mining farm update!


⏰ Timestamps ⏰

00:00 Expanding the CHIA mining Farm
01:00 The easiest way to HDD mine!
03:05 The farm is mostly evergreen miners and some Jusey miners
04:11 connecting all the evergreen miners
06:12 Running a mining farm is hard work!
07:42 What does Miss Vosk do on the farm?
09:33 Everything is connected!
10:28 Starting the new evergreen mining rig!
11:50 Some issues with a bad drive
13:50 Why mine the CHIA coin?
15:46 New evergreen power supply and cables are great!
16:44 How did I set up electricity and internet?
18:51 Chia mining does not use a lot of electricity!
20:30 What is the Chia cryptocurrency?
22:00 Trying out HDD mining with the starter kit
23:55 What kind of pools does chia have?
25:40 Mining whole blocks on chia!
27:00 Is mining CHIA profitable?
29:30 How are my chia mining rigs doing?
34:00 How much Chia have we mined?
35:30 Playing the long game!