I was building a solar powered Bitcoin crypto mining farm but now we had to sell our house and are without a home living in a van… or really it’s an RV, what is going on with VoskCoin in 2023??


00:00 All my stuff is everywhere!
01:12 Crypto mining with harddrives and starlink
02:00 We are living in an RV at the moment
04:11 What’s going on with the mining farm?
05:21 The digital mini pod is great for crypto mining
06:08 Immersion crypto mining?
07:00 Making a dedicated Chia farming shed?
09:15 Crypto mining requires a long term vision
10:50 Trying to get three-phase electricity to the farm
11:55 Finishing running projects
13:10 Interact with the voskcoin community



1) VoskCoin Mining Farm Update! New Miners but Starlink SUCKS

2) Energizing the VoskCoin Mining Farm!

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